Uncle Ho – A baker in America

Source: VGP

Young patriot Nguyen Tat Thanh (President Ho Chi Minh) came to the US because the country had won a struggle against British colonial domination. This was considered the main motive for President Ho Chi Minh to learn about the US, thus drawing valuable experiences for the cause of fighting against the French colonialists in Vietnam.

In New York city, he worked for a living while studying American social history. Later on, Uncle Ho came to Boston city, the port area and the capital of Massachusetts state. This is the cradle of American culture, the place where the first American resistance against British colonial domination took place. In Boston, he went to work for the Omni Parker House hotel.

At that time, Uncle Ho was the head of the bakery department at this hotel. 

Uncle Ho read and studied the 1776 American Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence inspired him in his journey to find the way to save the country, including the sentence highlighting that God gives birth to mankind, and everyone has the right to freedom and equality.

While working at the Omni Parker House, Uncle Ho took advantage of studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

There remains a table at Omni Parker House Hotel that Uncle Ho used to make bread in a small room of about 20 square meters. There is also an interesting story about this historical exhibit told by Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Management Board. The story tells about an American veteran, Kevin Boven, who protested the unjust war by the US in Vietnam. 

He visited Omni Parker House Hotel and intended to bring the table that President Ho Chi Minh made bread on to present to Vietnam. This request was denied by the hotel management, but Kevin Boven did not give up his determination. He asked the hotel to sell the table to him and offered to hire someone to make another table exactly the same as the old one and promised to keep it a secret. That intention was also rejected. “The table is an invaluable artifact, a working tool of an outstanding leader, a great man of culture of the world. This is also an important witness of history,” the hotel management board representative said. 

According to the hotel management board, the table being placed at Omni Parker House really has historical value./.


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