Tree planting festivals become country’s cultural beauty


Mr. Vuong and delegates plant trees at An Duong Vuong Tomb complex. (Photo: VNA)
Mr. Vuong and delegates plant trees at An Duong Vuong Tomb complex. (Photo: VNA)

During the ceremony, he confirmed that tree planting festivals have become a cultural beauty of the country, which has drawn responses from the whole people. “Planting tree is not to boost economic development but also to protect people’s living environment,” he said. “Over the past 58 years, millions of trees have been planted and care for, millions of hectares of forests have been further protected, and the forest coverage has been increasingly high.”

However, he also noted serious deforestation in some areas, which, together with climate change, has caused diverse environmental problems, natural disasters and floods, having a big impact on people’s lives and production.

Suggesting that Party organizations, authorities, Fatherland Front at all levels, and unions should make greater efforts in educating about afforestation and forest protection, he stressed that cadres and Party members had to lead afforestation and forest protection by carrying out specific and effective activities, adding that the Vietnam Farmers’ Association must be a key force in afforestation movements.

After the launch ceremony, he planted trees at An Duong Vuong Tomb complex./.

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