Tree planting festival held to realize Uncle Ho’s teachings

Minister of Public Security To Lam and leaders of Phu Tho province planted trees in the campus of the public security headquarters of Viet Tri city. (Photo: NDO)

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Minister To Lam stated that, in response to the call of President Ho Chi Minh, all people carried out the first "Tree planting festival" during the 1960 Lunar New Year. Up to now, the festival according to Uncle Ho's teachings has really brought great benefits to the country and has become a good tradition and custom of the Vietnamese people in every New Year and spring.

Responding to President Ho Chi Minh's call for the tree planting festival and implementation of the management, protection, planting and afforestation work, General To Lam called on all officers and soldiers to enthusiastically participate in planting trees and afforestation with high efficiency. He also required that each officer and soldier raise their awareness and take effective measures to protect the forest; effectively prevent and fight against environmental crimes; and prevent illegal deforestation and exploitation.

He also asked for dissemination of fire prevention and fighting, especially the prevention and control of forest fires in the dry season.

At the ceremony, General To Lam presented seedlings to the Phu Tho Provincial Public Security; and presented the public security forces and people of 3 communes in Phu Tho province with equipment for forest and environmental protection.

After the launching ceremony, General To Lam and other delegates, officers, soldiers and people enthusiastically participated in planting trees./.


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