Thu Duc City targets 1 million new trees in 2021-2025

 Departments and units of Thu Duc City register to plant trees in 2023. (Photo:

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Chairman of the Thu Duc City People’s Committee Hoang Tung emphasized that, following Uncle Ho’s teachings, Thu Duc has always determined that planting trees is an important job in proactively preventing and controlling natural disasters, climate regulation, improving the environment, and beautifying the natural landscape associated with the comprehensive development of the city not only for today but also for future generations.

Thu Duc has set a target of planting 1 million new trees in 2021-2025. So far, the city has planted 747,956 trees, fulfilling 74.79% of the target. At the same time, it continues to plant  252,044 new trees in 2023 and the following years, contributing to fulfilling the target of planting 10 million trees of Ho Chi Minh City.

On this occasion, socio-political organizations, departments, divisions and units of the Thu Duc City People's Committee and People's Committee of 34 wards registered to plant 252,500 trees in 2023.

After the launch ceremony, the delegates planted trees around the campus of An Khanh communal house in Thu Thiem ward, and 34 wards of Thu Duc city also simultaneously planted trees and cleaned up the environment in the area./.


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