Thousands of people visit Uncle Ho’s hometown in celebration of his 132nd birthday

The Kim Lien Special National Monument in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, the central province of Nghe An welcomed many groups of tourists to offer flowers and incense to President Ho Chi Minh.

Sen village is the place to mark Uncle Ho’s childhood.

Visitors visited the cottage where Uncle Ho lived in his childhood.

Visitors listened to the narrator introducing Sen Village.

Inside the thatched cottage of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac, the birth father of President Ho Chi Minh, there are many remembrances associated with Uncle Ho’s childhood.

Remembrance associated with Uncle Ho's childhood.

Visitors record pictures of simple objects of Uncle Ho's family.

Neighboring houses with simple thatched roofs, in front of which are peony, banana bushes and areca trees, were reconstructed to create the space of a peaceful and rural Vietnamese village.

Ms. Pham Thi Lan (from Ha Nam province) said that she visited Kim Lien when she was still a student. After getting married, with conditions, she and her children and grandchildren visit Uncle Ho’s hometown every year on the occasion of his birthday.

The Kim Lien historical relic site also includes new architectural works such as a ceremony area, house to store and display documents and artifacts related to the life of President Ho Chi Minh, and memorial house of President Ho Chi Minh./.


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