Southern liberation and national reunification marked in posters

Sixteen posters of high quality have been awarded.

The posters aim to confirm the position, great stature and great value of the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign and the resistance war against the imperialism for southern liberation and national reunification; the right and wise leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh; and the spirit of national solidarity as a decisive factor in the great victory of Spring 1975.

In addition, the posters help disseminate the achievements and lessons of experience of the 45 years since national reunification, especially the outstanding achievements in the renewal process and international integration, thus promoting the spirit of victory to accelerate national industrialization and modernization; proactive and active international integration, affirming the Party's correct innovation policy and the road to socialism.

A poster reveals people’s happiness in reunification day after 30 years.

45 years of peace and happiness

Great victory

Celebrating 45 years of southern liberation and national reunification

Happiness of reunification

Celebrating 45 years of southern liberation and national reunification

The nation joins together after the great victory of Ho Chi Minh campaign.

The great victory as a glorious historic mark

New era of peace and national unification


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