Second volume of novel about Uncle Ho’s national salvation journey debuted

The second volume of the novel, entitled “Sea voyage” (Lenh denh bon bien) (Photo:

The event was jointly held by the Central Council for the Theory and Criticism of Literature and the Arts, the Literature Publishing House, and the Lien Viet Culture and Communications Joint Stock Company.

The second volume of the novel, entitled “Sea voyage” (Lenh denh bon bien), made its debut on the 93rd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3). It features Van Ba-Nguyen Ai Quoc, who later became President Ho Chi Minh, in France, England, America, African countries, the former Soviet Union, China, and Thailand, until the day he returned to his homeland, Vietnam, on January 28, 1941.

According to Associate Professor, Doctor, writer Nguyen The Ky, the sequel is the transition from patriotism to communism. Ho Chi Minh's mindset and ideology had a very strong and logical innovation. Most importantly, the details of President Ho Chi Minh’s life have been fully portrayed by historical and research papers, but this is a literary work. Literature fictionalizes certain events in his life and his personality. Ho Chi Minh's personality and soul can only be told through literature.

The third volume is expected to debut later this year or early next year. The first volume "No nuoc non" (Debt to the nation) was published in 2022./.


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