Quang Ninh Border Guard youth pioneer in performing tasks

The move aims to speed up studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh.

Officers and soldiers of the Border Guard Post of the Cam Pha Port Border Gate help local people consolidate their cages and floats against Storm No. 3.

Captain Bui Tien Thang from the provincial Border Guard Headquarters said, aiming at studying and following Uncle Ho’s teachings more practically and effectively, every year, the Youth Union of the provincial Border Guard actively popularized contents and topics to be thoroughly grasped by all units.

At the same time, youth and unionists were arranged to study and develop implementation programs in accordance with the assigned tasks of each individual and unit. Thus, they are more aware of the contents, significance and importance of studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh as well as their responsibility in performing political tasks.

In the field of fighting against crime, from the beginning of the year, youth and unionists coordinated with specialized forces to protect border lines and border markers, thereby timely arresting 886 subjects for the acts of smuggling, trade fraud and violations against border regulations.

They also contributed labor days and money to help people in border communes to repair 25 km of roads and over 7.5 km of irrigation canals, grow crops, repair houses and relocate breeding facilities.

In response of the campaigns “Let’s clean the sea” and “Fighting against plastic waste” to protect the environment in 2019, the youth of the Quang Ninh Border Guard Headquarters have directed youth at grassroots level to coordinate with local youth unions to popularize to local people, businesses and tourists the responsibility of preserving and cleaning the sea environment and mobilize local people and tourists to stop using plastic bags and persistent plastic products.

Every week, border guard youth branches associate with local youth union for “Volunteer Saturday” and “Green Sunday” to collect rubbish at beaches, rivers, streams and lakes to eliminate black places of garbage.

They collected and destroyed hundreds of tons of waste of all kinds, installed hundreds of rubbish bins and planted sand-guard trees to protect the environment./.


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