Quang Ngai Province’s farmers follow Uncle Ho’s teachings

Youngsters in Quang Ngai Province’s Tu Nghia District help farmers upgrade canals. (Photo: baoquangngai.vn)

With his industrious nature and efforts to develop his domestic economy, Mr. Nguyen Phu Thuong, a farmer member in An Diem 2 village, Binh Chuong Commune, Binh Son District, currently owns 2 wood processing facilities. Having come from a family in difficulty, now when he has a better life, Mr. Thuong is ready to help those in difficult circumstances, especially lonely old people and orphaned students.

In particular, Mr. Thuong creates stable jobs for at-risk young people, helping them integrate into the community, becoming useful for their families and society. He is a typical example of a young farmer in studying and following Uncle Ho. In addition to providing money and regular help to 10 elderly people and disadvantaged students, he also takes care of a 97-year-old lonely old man. His wood processing facility creates jobs for 20 local workers, with an income of VND6.5-12 million per person per month.

Following Uncle Ho's teachings on the spirit of solidarity, mutual love and affection, all levels of farmers’ associations in the province have encouraged and mobilized members to actively support and help each other develop the domestic economy. Relatively rich households help poor households through sharing production experiences, lending capital for business, or helping each other in difficult times.

Typically, the Farmers' Association of Tinh Bac Commune was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers' Association for its outstanding achievements in the work of the Association and the farmer's movement. Chairman of Tinh Bac Communal Farmers' Association Nguyen Van Lai said that since 2015, nearly 300 members participated in contributing more than VND1.2 billion to lend its members. This money is rotated to support members who need to borrow capital for production or raise children to study. As a result, farmers' lives have been increasingly improved, contributing to reducing the poverty rate of the commune to 2.7%.

In the past 5 years, the Provincial Farmers' Association has directed associations at all levels to promote studying and following Uncle Ho, in association with promoting patriotic emulation movements. Up to now, about 70% of grassroots associations have registered the model of studying and following Uncle Ho. Officials and members have voluntarily contributed over VND218 billion, over 531,000 working days and thousands of square meters of land to build new-style rural areas. There are more than 78,000 households achieving the title of good business farmer at all levels./.


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