Quang Binh offers incense at Temple of Uncle Ho and Heroic Martyrs

 Delegates offered incense to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh and heroic martyrs. (Photo: baoquangbinh.vn)

The event was attended by Senior Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister of National Defense Le Huy Vinh, Secretary of the Quang Binh Party Committee Vu Dai Thang, Deputy Secretary of the province Party Committee Tran Thang, and other delegates.

In a solemn atmosphere, Deputy Minister of National Defense Le Huy Vinh and Secretary Vu Dai Thang performed the bell ceremony.

After that, the delegation respectfully offered incense, flowers, and took a minute to express their deep gratitude for the great merits of President Ho Chi Minh - the great leader who devoted all his life to the cause of national liberation, and remember heroes and martyrs who heroically sacrificed themselves for the cause of national liberation and defense of the Fatherland./.


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