Planting Co To pine trees at K9 relic site

Leaders of Co To district attached a commemorative steel to the event.

The K9 relic site is located on the banks of the Da River. It is one of the historical, cultural and special monuments associated with President Ho Chi Minh from the time he was alive until his death. K9 was also chosen as the place to keep the body of President Ho Chi Minh, codenamed “K84 Base Area”.

During his lifetime, Uncle Ho paid special attention and affection to the army and people of all ethnic groups in Quang Ninh province, especially, Co To Island district which was the only locality in the country where Uncle Ho agreed to erect his statue when he still was alive.

At the K9-Da Chong relic site, the Co To district delegation planted 102 Tung pine trees to show the principle of “Drinking water, remembering the source” and the respect and deep gratitude of the island district’s people to President Ho Chi Minh./.


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