Nha Rong Port


Nha Rong Port was built in 1863

Nha Rong Port – a branch of Ho Chi Minh Museum, a historic and cultural relic, an ideal place for educating the younger generation about the national tradition, and increasing love for Uncle Ho.

Khanh Hoi Bridge, one of the key bridges crossing Ben Nghe River, brings visitors from the Ho Chi Minh city administrative centre to visit Nha Rong Port.

Nguyen Tat Thanh Statute is popular among visitors for taking photographs. 

Admiral Latouche – Tresville, on which patriotic Nguyen Tat Thanh worked as a cook assistant when leaving the country for finding a way for national liberation on June 5 th , 1911. 

Visitors listen to the history of Nha Rong Port, as well as moving stories relating to Uncle Ho during his 30 years overseas.

The image of Uncle Ho visiting southern officials during the 1964 lunar New Year on display at the museum. 

Although he was 74, he was moved to watch the photos taken by southern photographers to an exhibition in 1964.

President Ho Chi Minh Statue, located at the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, next to the bank of Ben Nghe River, looks towards Nha Rong Port.

BTA (Photos: PANO)


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