Nation’s largest city widely promoted “Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space”

People read precious documents about Uncle Ho at "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Spaces". (Photo: VNA)

In Tan Binh District, over the past days, agencies and units have launched an emulation movement to build "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space" as one of the key contents of 2022.

A representative of the People's Committee of Tan Binh District said that so far, 48 of 50 units in the district have developed the tangible cultural space, including 39 inaugurated on the occasion of Uncle Ho's 132th birthday. These cultural spaces are places to display statues, images, documents and exhibits on President Ho Chi Minh; and introduce cultural, literary and artistic products (books, poems, pictures) about Uncle Ho; and praise good examples in studying and following Uncle Ho.

Many agencies and departments in Ho Chi Minh City have hung Uncle Ho's sayings and teachings at the headquarters, offices, working rooms, and reception rooms to remind cadres, Party members, civil servants and public employees to regularly practice their moral qualities, lifestyle and working style following Uncle Ho's example. Some other units and departments have promoted cultural and artistic activities, photo exhibitions, seminars, and tree planting activities to commemorate Uncle Ho; and edited the magazine to introduce outstanding followers of Uncle Ho’s examples. Some units choose specific tasks to study and follow Uncle Ho’s example, including caring for the poor and disadvantaged people; protecting the environment; and addressing people’s obstacles.

Agencies have also paid attention to developing "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Spaces" on cyberspace. Accordingly, they opened a column "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space" on their websites, social networking sites and internal newsletters, on which they publush articles and short films introducing and sharing models and ways of studying and following Uncle Ho’s example; Uncle Ho's teachings; and solutions and plans for the construction of "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space"./.


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