Military Hospital 175 responds tree planting festival

Over the past years, the planting, care and protection of trees has always been a concern of the hospital with practical movements and forms. Hundreds of types of trees, flower beds and lawns have been consolidated and planted by the hospital, creating a friendly environment, green, clean and beautiful landscape in the common campus and at the affiliated units.

Agencies and units contribute to raise funds to plant trees in the hospital.

In his speech at the event, Major General Tran Quoc Viet emphasized that the activities to respond to the tree planting festival contribute to improving the responsibility of all hospital staff for tree planting and environmental protection.

He requested agencies and units to continue to strengthen the green area, contributing to completing and improving the hospital's environmental criteria to meet the cultural, green, clean and beautiful environmental standards; creating a new landscape and face for the hospital.

At the launch ceremony, the leaders, former leaders of the hospital and officials, medical staff, doctors, staff of departments and centers responded to plant new trees in the hospital’s campus.

Notably, a baobab tree (of the rice flower family) was brought from South Sudan (Africa) to be planted at the hospital./.


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