Khanh Hoa province commemorates Uncle Ho

The Khanh Hoa provincial Party Committee Commission on Organization staff visit the memorial site. (Photo:

The activity aimed to mark the 90th anniversary of the traditional day of the Party building organization (October 14), to welcome the 18th provincial Party Congress term 2020-2025, and to realize the Party Central Committee Secretariat’s conclusion on increasing the dissemination, introduction and honour of President Ho Chi Minh, a hero of national liberation, a great man of culture, with the international community. 

The President Ho Chi Minh memorial site, which was developed by Mr. Bui Xuan Phuoc’s family with diverse precious documents, images and exhibits on the great President’s life and career, has become an ideal destination for encouraging the spirit of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style. 

Reporting work to Uncle Ho, representatives from the delegation said that since early 2020, the Khanh Hoa provincial Party Committee Commission on Organization had made efforts to realize set programs and plans, especially in giving consultancy to the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee to direct a model Party Congress as well as Party Congresses at grassroots- and district-levels.

On this occasion, the commission presented the memorial site with 3 precious books on President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, life and career to help enrich documents about Uncle Ho; and VND3 million to contribute to the embellishment, restoration and preservation of documents about Uncle Ho./.


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