Horne Saliby town and great love for Uncle Ho

The sign is placed on the wall of the town hall (Photo: baoquocte.vn)

Horne Saliby town is more than 40 km from the capital Bratislava. 64 years ago, Uncle Ho led a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation to visit and leave deep feelings for local officials and people. Since then, Horne Saliby town has become a landmark, a historical witness to the good relationship between Vietnam and Slovakia.

On July 18, 1957, Uncle Ho led a high-ranking Vietnamese delegation to visit the Town Hall of Horne Saliby town.

This was part of a visit to socialist countries, including Czechoslovakia. For a town, it was a great honor to receive the head of the country that made the Dien Bien Phu victory.

In the town, Uncle Ho had many activities, visited farmers and production facilities. With a simple, friendly and sincere style, Uncle Ho left a very deep impression in the hearts of the people in Horne Saliby town.

To record this historical event, and to show their affection for Uncle Ho, the government of Horne Saliby town made a bronze sign, which was attached to the most solemn place on the wall of the town hall.

On September 20, 2017, the opening ceremony of the sign was solemnly held as a big festival. Chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue, then Deputy Prime Minister, led the Vietnamese Government delegation, attended and cut the ribbon.

The sign serves as a symbol of the good faithful relationship between the governments and people of Vietnam-Slovakia, and also as a reminder for generations of the two nations to cherish and nurture the relationship better and better and is the pride of Vietnamese people in Slovakia.

Ms. Katarina Filova, 78 years old, was assigned to hug a bouquet of flowers to present to Uncle Ho. Every time we go to the town to offer flowers to Uncle Ho on his birthday, she also makes cakes to invite and recall the unforgettable memories of Uncle Ho with respect, emotion and pride.

“I still often go to the place where the sign is placed to recall the beautiful memories of the time I met Uncle Ho, and tell my children and grandchildren about the day Uncle Ho visited town. I hope that my children and grandchildren know about this event and preserve the good relationship between the two peoples and two countries," she said.

Horne Saliby Cooperative gave Uncle Ho a Zetor-15K plow machine when he visited this place. Then this machine was transferred to Vietnam, Uncle Ho gave it to the people of Vinh Kim commune in Vinh Linh special zone of Quang Tri province in December 1959.

The plow machine has greatly contributed to the production and fighting achievements of the people in Vinh Kim commune and is now kept in the Traditional Room of Vinh Kim commune in Quang Tri province’s Vinh Linh district.

It is believed that the next generation of Vietnamese in Slovakia will still come to Horne Saliby town to offer flowers in memory of Uncle Ho on every occasion of his birthday. Generations of Mayors of Horne Saliby town still tell the story of Uncle Ho's visit and Katarina Filova's descendants still make traditional cakes of Slovakia to invite Vietnamese people who come there on every Uncle Ho's birthday./.


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