Ho Chi Minh's thought on culture, literature and arts

President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: VNA)

Many of his views continued to be inherited and developed in the Party's resolutions and directives on culture and arts.

"Culture lights the way for the development and progress of society", President Ho Chi Minh affirmed that right from the early days of the resistance war against the French colonialists, at national cultural conferences in 1946 and 1948. His thesis showed a vision beyond the times when emphasizing the leading role of culture in the development of each country.

In the "Letter to painters on the occasion of the 1951 painting exhibition", President Ho Chi Minh wrote that culture and art, as well as all other activities, could not stand outside but must be inside economics and politics.

As a directional value system that regulates the perception, thinking, and behavior of each individual, both in the community and in society, culture has great power in fostering moral thought and human personality.

As distinctive components of culture, literature and art must be closely associated with life, the fierce struggle between the old and the new, between the revolution and the counter-revolution; between the positive and the negative. President Ho Chi Minh called artists soldiers on the ideological and cultural front.

When he was alive, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong affirmed that Ho Chi Minh’s thought is full of treasures, a heritage containing many values, and that value is, after all, cultural value./.


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