Ho Chi Minh City: Diverse activities held to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s 125th birthday

The first event is the film week on President Ho Chi Minh for teenagers, held by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee. During the week, movies on historic and revolutionary subjects, in the portrait of President Ho Chi Minh and the portrait of the Vietnamese youth in the cause of national construction and safeguarding were screened. The week disseminated a wide and profound education on revolutionary ideals, the tradition of patriotism and national pride, encouraging teenagers to make greater efforts in study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s example, ethics and styles.

Meanwhile, television broadcasters have also produced attractive programs to celebrate the President’s birthday with the documentary film “Ho Chi Minh – Song of freedom” to be  broadcast on May 19 th on Vietnam Television (VTV6). The film makers go through a number of foreign countries to highlight Ho Chi Minh’s ideology as well as the pervasion of his aspiration and efforts for freedom and equality across nations all over the world. Furthermore, a special television bridge vividly illustrating President Ho Chi Minh’s journey in the United Kingdom entitled “Ho Chi Minh’s aspiration” will be broadcast live on May 18 th on VTV1.

To mark the event, the Tre Publishing House has reprinted 5 books on Uncle Ho in the set of books entitled “Ho Chi Minh Heritage”, in which the publishing house has worked with relevant agencies to restore the original names of the foreign characters and geographic names so that readers can find it more easily in searching on the Interet.

In addition, the Political Theoretical Publishing House has released a copy of a book entitled “Ho Chi Minh’s ideology – Humanitarian and development value”, which collected presentations during a workshop with the same title held on May 8 th in Hanoi.

The book highlighted the humanitarian value in Ho Chi Minh’s ideology throughout his life, career, ethnics and styles, with the highest purpose being that of liberating people and making them the true masters of the their nations and of the world, for national freedom, prosperity and happiness and for the elimination of oppression and injustice. The value is confirmed to be the one that  humankind is currently reaching for./.



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