Hanoi's district promotes studying and following Uncle Ho

Every year, the association and the precinct Party Committee organize courses with thematic topics according to Directive 05 of the Politburo, and at the same time direct their branches through periodic activities and organize seminars.

Veterans of Cong Vi precinct visit Dien Bien Phu battlefield in April 2022.

The Executive Board of the precinct War Veteran Association promptly supplemented the criteria and standards of members in accordance with the new requirements. Every year, the association guides and urges officials and members to review their training results, and select content to register for studying and following Uncle Ho by practical and specific work.

Comrade Nguyen Duc Quang, Chairman of the Cong Vi War Veteran Association, said that studying and following Uncle Ho must be demonstrated by the effectiveness, quality of work, by successfully completing the political tasks of the association and localities. The association’s determination must perform the most important political task of participating in building and protecting a strong Party and government; at the same time it is the core force in popularization and mobilization of people to carry out patriotic emulation movements and local campaigns.

Over the past 5 years, the association has raised more than 571 million VND to support the funds for camaraderie, gratitude, the sea and islands of Vietnam, compatriots affected by natural disasters, storms, and COVID-19 vaccine and other charities.

Currently, the association has 34 members participating in the Party Committees at all levels, 74 comrades in charge of the positions of cadres of residential groups and political organizations in the precinct, and they all successfully and excellently completed their tasks.

In the 5 years, the association has had 58 collectives and 98 individuals awarded certificates of merit for performing the association’s tasks and local political tasks./.


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