Go Vap district honors typical examples following Uncle Ho

Typical examples in studying and following Uncle Ho in Go Vap District exchanged at the conference.
(Photo: thanhuytphcm.vn)

In 2021, before the severe impacts of the epidemic, trade unions at all levels focused on studying Uncle Ho in association with labor emulation movements, accompanying the units to overcome difficulties and prevent epidemics.

Thereby, many effective models have appeared, such as helping households and employees who are blocked and isolated during the COVID-19 outbreak go to the market; “Gratitude meal of Go Vap Trade Union”, “0 VND kitchen”, “Scholarship for love”, and “Mini Supermarket”.

On this occasion, the district Labor Confederation commended 20 collectives and 96 individuals for studying and following Uncle Ho, and praised 74 examples of good people and good deeds./.



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