General Department of Logistics launches tree planting festival

Delegates planting trees at the My Hao increased production zone. 

In 2023, the Logistics Department will plant more than 1,000 new trees and continue to direct units throughout the General Department to implement a plan to plant about 10,000 trees at all focal points, mainly strategic petroleum depots and general warehouses.

In 2022, the General Department of Logistics advised the Ministry of National Defense to direct all agencies and units to plant 3.6 million trees of all kinds. The agencies and units in the General Department have planted nearly 11,000 trees of all kinds.

At the launch ceremony, Colonel Huynh Tan Hung, Deputy Chairman of the General Department of Logistics, asked the Logistics Department to continue to perform well its function of advising, directing and guiding units to take care and develop the existing trees.

They are requested to promote tree planting activities to ensure the substance and effectiveness, contributing to building agencies and units with a healthy living environment, beautiful landscape, and regular barracks./.


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