Forum to launch book “Prison Diary” - a free translation by poet Quach Tan

Forum to launch book “Prison Diary”  - a free translation by poet Quach Tan (Source: NDO)

With the free translation by poet Quach Tan, readers have another option in addition to the translations by Nam Truan and other scholars.

Through the new and unique way in which the verses are translated and presented, readers can understand and appreciate the talented translation skills and the poet’s respect for the beloved President.

At the forum, readers heard interesting and touching stories about poet Quach Tan's translation of “Prison Diary” so that they could learn more about the value of the publication.

According to NDO, Quach Tan has been known as the leading translator of Tang poetry in Vietnam, but in this translation, he converted some articles of “Prison Day” into the traditional six-eight poetry form of Vietnam./.


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