Festival on reading and following Uncle Ho’s example launched


Photo for illustration (Source: dantri.com.vn)

The festival aims to launch the movement of reading books and newspapers, studying and following great Uncle Ho’s example; and to celebrate the project on reading among communities by 2020, with orientation until 2030, recently adopted by the Prime Minister.

During the festival, contests on children telling stories, arranging books, drawing pictures based on books, and writing about books will be held. In addition, there will be exchanges between authors and works with the public; exhibitions of books, newspapers and documents; library for children; and sale of books.

The organizing committee will work with Vietnam Television to produce a report on reading books and self-studying in Vietnam; with the Voice of Vietnam to carry out a program on introducing books and encouraging people to read books for their whole life, and donating books to present libraries.

The organizing committee hopes to encourage people, especially the young generation, to read books, thus respecting reading culture./.

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