Exhibits on President Ho Chi Minh displayed

The typewriter Uncle Ho used will be on display. (Documentary photo)

The activity aims to mark the great President’s 129th birthday (May 19th) and the 50th anniversary since the implementation of his testament.

The outstanding objects, such as draft documents, autographs, newspaper articles and works written or typed on different kinds of paper by President Ho Chi Minh, including some national precious objects, illustrate diverse periods of his revolutionary life and his activities after national independence, such as his activities to boost economic development, care for people’s material and spiritual life, and provide people happiness.

Additionally, his daily utensils such as suitcase, bowls and chopsticks, rice cooker, clothing and typewriter; presents from Vietnamese people such as shirts, emulation flags, drawings and tea-sets; or presents from foreign Governments and people such as vases, wooden statues, eating utensils and wine pots, will also be on display.

The display is expected to help the audience, especially the young, have a deeper understanding about his life, career, ideology and morality, a bright example of a simple and unbiased life of a communist./.


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