Elderly people boost campaign on following Uncle Ho’s example
Uncle Ho’s image illustrated in Hoa Dua pre-school in Ben Tre city. (Photo: bentre.gov.vn)
Uncle Ho’s image illustrated in Hoa Dua pre-school in Ben Tre city. (Photo: bentre.gov.vn)

Nguyen Chi Quyen, Chairman of the Elderly People’s Association in ward 1, Ben Tre city, who is the head of the club, said that his club had been established for expanding outstanding models in following Uncle Ho’s example, thus deepening the campaign on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style which had been launched by the central level.

The club, established on January 18th, 2016, with 22 initial members, has been developed to 39 members who are Party members, veterans, retired people, businesspersons, religious followers, intellectuals and key former provincial leaders.

Mr. Quyen confirmed that the club looks to foster people’s morality, making favourable conditions for everyone to study and follow Uncle Ho’s example, not only its members.

So far, through different operations, stories about Uncle Ho have been disseminated, especially films about final minutes in the great President’s life, helping each follower have orientation about what to do.

Notable are the programs on installing the lighting system worth VND443 million, on assisting Spratly Islands, and on protecting the nation’s sea and island sovereignty.

According to Nguyen Truc Hanh, Deputy Head of the provincial Party Committee Commission for Popularization and Education, the model of the club has been followed by five communes and wards, with efficiency having been reported./.

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