Can Tho man makes rice paintings about Uncle Ho

Khuu Tan Buu and his rice paintings about Uncle Ho (Photo: VNA)

“When making rice paintings about Uncle Ho, he researched thoroughly the material about Uncle Ho, choosing impressive photos that could clearly portray his portrait as well as his love for the country and people of Vietnam,” Buu shared.

To create the spirit of Uncle, he and his colleagues had experienced many sleepless nights, and worked many times until they were satisfied.

The set of rice paintings about Uncle Ho includes seven pictures with sizes of 20cmx30cm, 30cmx30cm, 25cmx40cm and 40cmx60cm. In which, the largest painting was done in two weeks and the smallest in a few days.

According to Buu, seven pictures convey seven different messages such as: the picture of Uncle Ho sitting at work shows studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style.

The painting of Uncle Ho with lotus flowers and birds represents the wish for peace.

Most of the colors used in rice painting set are bright colors, mainly red and yellow, representing the national flag of Vietnam.

So far, Buu has owned more than 1,000 rice paintings. In each collection, regardless of the theme, he also wants to convey the valuable message of rice grains through his paintings.

For the collection about Uncle Ho, Buu affirmed that he and his colleagues were always enthusiastic and very eager to convey beautiful image of Uncle Ho. He will continue to make more works about President Ho Chi Minh, so that these images will spread to the future.

Starting in 2016, Buu has created many unique sets of rice painting on many themes.

Following are paintings about Uncle Ho: 


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