Book about President Ho Chi Minh's childhood published

The publication by writer Son Tung

This is one of the famous works of writer Son Tung about President Ho Chi Minh's childhood. With deep affection and respect for Uncle Ho, the author has deeply analyzed and clarified about President Ho Chi Minh's very vivid and rich adolescence. At the same time, the book also focuses on the formation of Ho Chi Minh's patriotic ideology, excellently depicting events surrounding Uncle Ho's family.

The 400-page book also gives readers a better understanding of Uncle Ho's ups and downs during childhood.

The book exudes the simple beauty of humanity and contains the noble soul of the great leader of the Vietnamese nation since he was a boy. The work actively contributes to educating and encouraging the young Vietnamese generation to raise their awareness and sense of responsibility for the country's destiny, and to train themselves to be people of dignity./.


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