President Ho Chi Minh: Initiator of Vietnam - DPRK friendly relationship

DPRK was one of the earliest countries to set up diplomatic relationship with Vietnam, only after China and the Soviet Union. The State level diplomatic relationship between the two countries was established on January 31st, 1950, by President Ho Chi Minh and President Kim Il Sung.

Since then, through ups and downs, the friendship and solidarity between the two countries have continuously been reinforced, becoming a good symbol of the two nations. One evidence of this friendship and solidarity is the visits between the two countries’ leaders.

President Ho Chi Minh and President Kim Il Sung ((Photo:

In 1957, the two countries’ relationship witnessed an important milestone when President Ho Chi Minh visited DPRK. One year later, in 1958, Prime Minister Kim Il Sung visited Vietnam, which helped deepen the Vietnam - DPRK friendship, leaving profound impression of comradeship between the two leaders as well as their warm affection for the two peoples.

From July 8th-12th, 1957, President Ho Chi Minh paid the first official visit to the DPRK, welcomed warmly by Prime Minister Kim Il Sung at the airport. During the visit, President Ho Chi Minh met with classes of DPRK people; joined farms, plants, schools and relics; and attended art performance, leaving profound lessons about the friendship.

Following the visit to DPRK by President Ho Chi Minh in 1957, Prime Minister Kim Il Sung paid his first visit to Vietnam from November 28th – December 2nd, visiting Hanoi and Nam Dinh, as well as some workshops and agricultural production cooperatives, and cultural foundations. He was welcomed everywhere.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the DPRK Labour Party, the friendly and cooperative relationship between Vietnam and DPRK have overcome diverse challenges for continued reinforcement and development./.


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