Location for President Ho Chi Minh’s last days well preserved

It was recognized as a special national relic by the Prime Minister in 2009.

Stilt house, where Uncle Ho lived and worked from May 1958 to August 1969. The house is designed in the style of stilt houses of ethnic minority people in the northern region, imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity.

Uncle Ho's fish pond has an area of 3,320 square meters and a depth of 2 meters with many species of fish released here.

The dining room served Uncle Ho and Prime Minister Pham Van Dong since 1955 

Xoai (Mango) Road, the road that Uncle Ho often walked after work and exercised in the morning. 

An exhibition "President Ho Chi Minh - Great leader of the Communist Party and people of Vietnam, Ambassador of peace and friendship of the world people" on Mango Road.

During his lifetime, Uncle Ho was frequently concerned with planting trees and protecting the environment. He thought that planting trees helped both educate people to work and increase their responsibility in the ecological environment. In the relic, 1,271 trees of 161 species and 54 plant families are planted.

Bamboos represent Vietnamese nation’s firm spirit and will.

Apart from fruit trees, timber trees and ornamental plants, there are many species of flowers in the relic which recall memories about Uncle Ho.


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