First print of “Duong Kach menh” displayed in Hanoi


The exhibition, titled “Light from the Revolutionary path”, is being held to mark the 90th anniversary of the first publication of the book. It introduces to the public the book’s great significance as well as the revolutionary generation’s contribution - the first “red seeds” that Nguyen Ai Quoc, an alias of  Ho Chi Minh, germinated for the Vietnamese Revolution.

The book includes lectures by Nguyen Ai Quoc, at training courses for staff of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League, held in Guangzhou, China, between 1925 and 1927. The first printed versions were moved secretly to French-controlled Vietnam before 1930. It was recognised as a National Treasure in 2012, and is being kept at the Vietnam National Museum of History.

The exhibition also introduces several objects used by Communist Party leaders and soldiers between 1925-1945. A documentary film is also screened. It will run at the Vietnam National Museum of History for three months.

Following are photos about the exhibition:

Documents, artefacts and photos related to the first print of “Duong Kach Menh”(Revolutionary Path)

on display at the exhibition (Source:

Visitors to the exhibition (Source:
Visitors to the exhibition (Source:


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