Yen Bai: Female secretary studies and follows Uncle Ho’s teaching

From 2004 to 2008, Bien was assigned to be the Secretary of the Party cell of Na Khao village in Yen Thang commune. Since 2009, she was trusted by officials and party members to be elected Secretary of the Party cell, cum Head of the Front Working Committee of the Tham Pong Village.

Utilizing many years of experience as Secretary of the Party cell, Bien popularized and mobilized people in the village to strengthen solidarity; promote economic development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction; and build cultural life in residential areas.

Comrade Mong Thi Long Bien. (Photo:

Promoting the responsibility of setting an example as the leader, the female secretary is always a pioneer in every work, closely associated with local people. In order to raise awareness and create consensus among people, Bien has done a good job of disseminating and helping people in the village properly understand the purpose and meaning of building new-style rural area.

As a result, the village mobilized 30 households to donate 1,100m2 of land for rural roads, built 1,590m of inner-village concrete roads, and concretized 150m of alleyways. In addition, she mobilized people to contribute to building material facilities for cultural houses, installing security cameras, and developing power lines along country roads, valued at hundreds of millions of dong.

In her mission, she had many creative solutions to improve the quality of activities of the party cell and direct the development of plans to study and follow Uncle Ho.

In 2019, Bien attended and won a high prize at the contest of the best secretary of party cells organized by the district. With her contribution, Tham Pong village has been recognized as a strong and transparent party cell for many years. Secretary Bien has been honoured for successfully completing tasks and received many certificates of merit at all levels. In June 2021, she was a typical representative of Yen Bai province receiving a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister on the occasion of the national review of 5 years of implementing Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo./.


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