Thanh Hoa launches contest about studying and following Uncle Ho

The contest runs from January 3 to February 14, 2022

The contest aims to popularize and review the tradition and the deep concern of the Party and the beloved Uncle Ho for the Party Committee and people of ethnic groups of Thanh Hoa, and express gratitude for the great merits of President Ho Chi Minh and the Party for the revolutionary cause of the homeland and the country.

The contest also highlights the achievements that the Party Committee and people of ethnic groups in Thanh Hoa have made over the past 75 years following Uncle Ho’s teachings.

Participants may include Thanh Hoa people living and working inside or outside the province; and foreigners interested in the Contest (except for the organizers). The contest is conducted by weekly quiz on the Internet.

The contest runs for 6 weeks, starting the first week of the exam from January 3, 2022 and ending on February 14, 2022./.


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