Quang Tri trade union members strengthen studying and following ​Uncle Ho’s example

Photo: tuyengiao.vn

Right after Directive 05-CT/TW was issued, the Standing Board of the Quang Tri provincial Labour Confederation held a conference to help key trade union officials and full-time trade union officials in the province thoroughly grasp it.

Every year, through the meeting to deploy tasks at the beginning of the year, the Standing Board of the Quang Tri Provincial Labour Confederation has thoroughly grasped and implemented plans to carry out the Directive 05-CT/TW and the annual theme to study to key trade union officials.

As a result, from 2016 to now, the grassroots trade unions have held more than 50 conferences on the implementation of the Directive 05-CT/TW and attracted thousands of trade union officials. In addition, the Provincial Labour Confederation has strengthened communications, raised awareness, and guided trade union members to build plans to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style for each collective and individual; promote communications and replication of typical collectives and individuals in studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style. Providing communication documents  to grassroots trade.

Thus, political and ideological awareness of officials, party members and employees is raised, with positive changes in cultivating and practicing moral qualities and lifestyles, performing assigned tasks, contributing to preventing the deterioration of ideology, politics, morality and lifestyle in officials, party members and civil servants, contributing to the fulfillment of assigned political tasks./.


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