Quang Ngai summarizes studying and following President Ho Chi Minh

Mr. Le Viet Chu speaking at the event. (Photo: baoquangngai.vn)

After three years of carrying out Directive 05, with the efforts, responsibility and determination of the whole Party Committee, executive committees, party organizations and political system from the provincial level to grassroots level; Quang Ngai has made new and creative methods to bring practical results.

So far, according to preliminary statistics, more than 900 models with creative methods have been applied at organs, businesses, party cells, and residential areas, creating a wide effect in life.

Typically, the model “Savings as Uncle Ho’s teachings” of the Binh Son district Party Committee’s Standing Board has mobilized more than VND2 billion to assist poor families, the elderly, sick people, and poor students. In addition, the model “Agencies joining hands to help households escape from poverty” of the Tay Tra district Party Committee’s Standing Board helped 36 households to sustainably escape poverty.

In his speech at the event, Mr. Le Viet Chu, member of 12th PCC, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Head of the National Assembly delegation of Quang Ngai, hailed effective methods and creative models which made significant contributions to the development of economics, culture and society of the locality; the improvement of people’s lives and the maintenance of national defense and security.

On this occasion, the Quang Ngai provincial People’s Committee presented certificates of merit to 34 teams and 5 individuals for their effective and creative methods in studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh./.


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