Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang and her works about President Ho Chi Minh


Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang (right) and a reader (Photo: VGP)

She is Nguyen Dai Trang, born in 1970 in Hue. She has settled in Canada since 1990. She studied at University in Montreal, and studied her master and doctoral degrees in Vancouver. She used to be a lecturer in science and politics of the University of Toronto and Faculty of Humanities of University of Toronto Scarborough. She is a lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration of Centennial College, and is the President of the Canada - ASEAN Association at York University of Canada.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang's first book about Uncle Ho, titled "Ho Chi Minh: Heart and Talent of a Patriot", was published in May 2010 in English and Vietnamese on the occasion of Uncle Ho’s 120th birthday.

Three years later, she debuted the second book titled “Ho Chi Minh: Humanity and Development” in three languages: Vietnamese - English and Spanish. The two books have had a positive impact on the political world, Canadian people and the overseas Vietnamese community about President Ho Chi Minh.

“In 2018, the book titled “Ho Chi Minh - selected works on peace, democracy and gender equality” was introduced to readers, including 25 messages of President Ho Chi Minh sent to the US and other countries around the world from 1919-1969. It also included a letter by President Ho Chi Minh sent to the Canadian Prime Minister in 1966 and 25 articles on gender equality,” she said.

In 2020, on the occasion of Uncle Ho's 130th birthday, she released an e-book “Ho Chi Minh Songs”, which is translated into English, praising Ho Chi Minh, a pure soul, an ordinary but extraordinary person.

Most recently, after cases of discrimination against people of color in the world, she has re-read all of Uncle Ho's articles on Africa, including the book “Black Race” written by Uncle Ho in 1925. She was touched by his great thought and far-reaching vision, which are now still valid.

Therefore, the fifth book titled “Ho Chi Minh: Black Race and Selected Works on Racism” was introduced in early February in 2021 in Canada. The book has attracted many foreign readers' attention and admiration for President Ho Chi Minh's vision, as well as Uncle Ho's role in the independence movement of African countries.

It can be affirmed that each book by Nguyen Dai Trang is the fragrant heart, the sacred affection of an overseas Vietnamese for beloved Uncle Ho and the homeland of Vietnam./.


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