Nghe An Agencies Bloc Party Committee thoroughly grasps Directive 05
Participants at the event

At the event, participants were disseminated the basic contents of the Political Report at the 12th National Party Congress, assessing the results of carrying out Resolution of the 4th Party Central Committee meeting (term 11) about some urgent issues on current Party building, reviewing the implementation of tasks for socio-economic development in the 2011-2015 period, and orientations and missions for socio-economic development for the 2016-2020 period.

They also thoroughly grasped basic contents of Directive 05 on promoting the study and following of the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh.

Action program for the implementation of the Resolution was approved with six key tasks, such as building plans and directing the implementation of Directive 05; carrying out plans to realize Directive 05; setting plans to help villages which have no Party members or party cell; and proposing and carrying out solutions to improve the quality of developing Party members in the provincial Businesses Bloc Party Committee./.



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