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Colonel Nguyen Tuan Khang, Political Deputy Director of the General Logistics Department, representative of the Standing Agency of the Steering Committee for the Emulation Movement, said that in 2023, the military logistics industry closely followed the resolutions of the Central Military Commission, military and national defense tasks, and logistics orders of the Ministry of National Defense.

The Steering Committee and standing agencies at all levels actively advised, directed, guided and organized the contents of the emulation movement, overcame weaknesses and limitations in aspects of logistics work; promptly ensuring material and logistics for training tasks, combat readiness, regular and unexpected tasks, so that the life of the soldiers is maintained.

Regarding direction and goals, in 2024, the Ministry of National Defense’s Steering Committee for Emulation Movement determines that it will continue to thoroughly grasp resolutions, orders, projects, programs, and plans on logistics work; closely following the theme, content and targets of emulation movements.

At the conference, delegates participated in discussions, focused on evaluating, analyzing, and clarifying the results in organizing the emulation movement; and  pointed out remaining points and limitations.

In his speech at the event, Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San acknowledged and highly appreciated the results achieved in implementing emulation movements, especially projects of the military logistics sector; basically agreed with the results, directions, goals, topics, contents, targets and solutions for implementing emulation movements in 2024.

He asked the standing authority to closely follow the annual draft resolution of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense, receive additional opinions from delegates at the conference, especially the assessment of results, contributions from academies, schools, defense enterprises to complete report; and continue to review, consider, and add a number of units for consideration and reward./.


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