Ho Chi Minh's thought on party building and rectification applied in current period

In the nearly one-hour seminar, Professor and Dr. Hoang Chi Bao, senior expert, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Science Studies for Talents, Human Resources (ISSTH) under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) discussed the formation and development of Ho Chi Minh’s thought.

Overview of the seminar (Photo: dangcongsan.vn)

Ho Chi Minh's thought originated from the ethical tradition of the Vietnamese people. It was formed and developed during the process of national construction and defense. It was also the manipulation and creative development of revolutionary morality of Marxism - Leninism; Ho Chi Minh's thought is the selective acquisition and development of the cultural and moral elite of humanity.

According to Mr Bao, during his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh advocated to first build and rectify the Party to keep the Party always clean, strong and to be truly representative of the conscience and intelligence of the nation and the era.

Over the past years, most officials and party members have been actively trained in quality and capacity, and play a pioneering, exemplary, dynamic, and creative and key role in their work and in the innovation process. However, due to the impacts of many objective and subjective factors, a part of cadres and party members deteriorated in political thought, morality and lifestyle.

Speaker and participants at the seminar agreed that before the demand of the new situation, the whole Party, army and people must apply and implement Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts seriously and strictly as an urgent and important political task.

Through the seminar, officials, party members and audiences were acutely aware of the basic contents and great value of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, since then, they are aware of practicing and improving revolutionary morality, fighting against individualism, pragmatic opportunities, pushing back the decline in political ideology, morality and lifestyle, and repelling corruption and negative behaviour./.


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