"Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space" launched at Binh Dien market

Delegates at the event (Photo: hcmcpv.org.vn)

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Phan Thanh Tan, Party Secretary and Director of Binh Dien Market Company, said that Binh Dien market has 77 party members, 334 employees and nearly 1,500 traders doing business in the market. The organization of "Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space" aims to build a space for political and cultural activities of officials, party members, youth union members, employees and small businesses of the market.

"Ho Chi Minh cultural space" at Binh Dien Market Company Office is solemnly decorated in the area in front of the lobby and along the corridor of the office. The space directly displays documents, calls, words, stories, articles and images about the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh; about Ho Chi Minh's ideological, moral and style heritage; five typical works of President Ho Chi Minh; images and biographies of the Secretaries General of the Communist Party of Vietnam in different periods; and images and activities of generations of leaders of Binh Dien Market Company in the 20 years from its founding until now.

Speaking at the ceremony, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Members’ Council of Satra Nguyen Huu Nghia proposed that after the inauguration ceremony, the Party Committee of Binh Dien Market Company continues to invest and provide more content about President Ho Chi Minh with the cause of national liberation; Ho Chi Minh's ideology on Vietnamese businessmen, along with works relating to studying, following and spreading Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, thereby responding to studying and following Uncle Ho's sayings, contributing more to making Binh Dien market more civilized and modern./.


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