Giang Thanh honors 21 typical followers of Uncle Ho

 Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Giang Thanh district Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Ha awarded certificates of merit to individuals.

Through the implementation of the 2023 special subject on studying and following Uncle Ho and carrying out political tasks, most basic socio-economic targets of Giang Thanh district have been achieved and exceeded.

In particular, the district’s social and security policies are well implemented. In 2023, the district mobilized more than 1.7 billion VND for funds for the poor; built 53 houses and repaired 3 great solidarity houses for poor and near-poor households, with a total cost of over 2.6 billion VND.

The multidimensional poverty rate of the district is 3.75%, including 146 poor households (accounting for 1.76%), 165 near-poor households (1.99%), and 5,707 households with an average living standard (68.91%).

Through the implementation of the special subject, many agencies and units in Giang Thanh have many good measures and new ways of studying and following Uncle Ho. Every month, over 85% of party cells organized activities about Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style.

In 2023, the entire Party Committee of Giang Thanh had 732 articles from party members, civil servants and public employees participating in the writing contest “Protecting the Party’s ideological foundation”.

At the conference, the Standing Board of the Giang Thanh Party Committee awarded certificates of merit to 5 collectives and 16 individuals exemplary in studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style in 2023./.


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