Books highlighting Uncle Ho’s ideology published

Volume 1 cover

The books aim to celebrate the 45 years of southern liberation and national reunification. 

The books offer a unified view of Ho Chi Minh's thought, a comprehensive and profound system on the basic issues of the Vietnamese revolution and the revolution for national liberation in colonized countries.

Of which, Volume 1 discusses "politics - ideology - organization", clarifying the Vietnamese revolutionary path through comprehensive analysis of Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the issue of colonized nations and the revolution for national liberation; on socialism and the way to socialism in Vietnam. Volume 2 discusses "culture - ethics - society" according to Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and Volume 3 talks about the theme "innovation - integration - development".

Combining all three volumes, readers can see the series of the books’ contents starting with the Communist Party's awareness on Ho Chi Minh's thought, and finally Ho Chi Minh's thought forever lighting the way for the revolutionary process of the Vietnamese people.

Issuing the books, the Ho Chi Minh city General Publishing House continues to hope to deepen the great President Ho Chi Minh’s ideological system, intellectual revolutionary career, bravery and high sense of responsibility to the people, fatherland and humanity./.


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