90th publication anniversary of “Duong Cach Menh” book

“Duong Cach Menh” is a collection of lectures by Nguyen Ai Quoc at the training classes for staff of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth Association, held in Guangzhou (China) from 1925-1927.

The book was published by the Ministry of Popularisation of the Union of Asian Oppressed Nations in 1927. Since then, the book has been published by the National Politics Truth Publishing House and widely introduced to readers.

The work clearly outlines the basic views on Vietnamese revolutionary methods, based on the creative application of Marxism-Leninism and the summarized revolutionary experiences of countries, which are a particularly important reference material and basis of argument for the Party to build revolutionary methods suited to the situation in the country.

The succinct and easy-to-remember style of writing, the book "The Revolutionary Path" contains great theoretical and practical value, playing an important role in the popularisation of Marxism-Leninism in Vietnam, combining the patriotic movement with Marxism, creating the ideological premise for the birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

At the event, Prof.Dr. Hoang Chi Bao, who has more than 40 years of experience researching President Ho Chi Minh's life, thought and career, said: "'The Revolutionary Path', one of the works by President Ho Chi Minh, was officially listed as a national treasure by the Party and State. The publication of 'The Revolutionary Path' is considered the first Marxist political document in Vietnam and affirmed Vietnam’s revolutionary path.”/.



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