Youth union delegation pays visit to Ho Chi Minh monument and space in France’s Montreuil

The delegation visits the Ho Chi Minh space in  Montreuil city, France (Photo:

Ho Chi Minh Space, a gallery located at the Museum of Living History, and Uncle Ho's statue in Montreau Park form a cluster of historical relics about President Ho Chi Minh when he carried out revolutionary activities in France more than a century ago.

Ho Chi Minh Space was inaugurated on May 19, 2000 on the occasion of the 110th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. This place displays many historical artifacts related to Uncle Ho and is also the only permanent display of the Museum of Living History.

On an area of about 10 square metres, the government of Montreuil city restored the original small room at No. 9 of Compoint Lane where Uncle Ho lived and worked as a photographer from 1921 to 1923.

Ho Chi Minh monument was erected by the government of Montreuil city on May 19, 2005 on the occasion of the 115th birthday of Uncle Ho. This is the place where officials from Vietnamese representative agencies and overseas Vietnamese in France come to offer incense in memory of Uncle Ho on every occasion of May 19. This is also the place where French friends come to express their admiration for President Ho Chi Minh, “The hero of national liberation, the cultural celebrity of Vietnam”, as stated in the UNESCO Resolution in 1987. Uncle Ho’s statue is also a symbol of the friendship between the two peoples of Vietnam and France./.


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