Vietnamese people in UK mark 127th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh

Representatives of overseas Vietnamese people and students, officials and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy and representative offices in the UK offered incense to commemorate Uncle Ho at the New Zealand House building, built on the grounds of Carlton Hotel, where he worked from 1913 to 1917.

Presently, in the basement of the building is still preserved a room where Uncle Ho worked as a cook helper at the hotel as a historical vestige.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK Nguyen Van Thao reviewed the historical period of Uncle Ho seeking a way to save the country, and the difficult years he lived and worked in London.

The Ambassador called upon all Vietnamese people in the UK to follow Uncle Ho's example to live and work wholeheartedly, contributing to build the country of Vietnam more beautifully and properly as Uncle Ho desired.

At the ceremony, Deputy Head of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the UK Vuong Hung said that recalling Uncle Ho, Vietnamese people in the UK would always live and work with respect for the local country’s laws, and always look towards the homeland.

Head of the Vietnamese Student Association in the UK Nong Quynh Ngan promised that the young generation would always strive to study and self-improve morality, and always look toward the homeland to build the country./.



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