Venezuelan President Maduro praises President Ho Chi Minh


The President expressed his deep gratitude to the late President for devoting his whole life to the national independence and liberty as well as people’s happiness.

President Madura affirmed Ho Chi Minh to be a key figure in the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and also the creator of the independence of Vietnam, so that Vietnamese people won in war of resistance against the French colonialists and American empire.

President Maduro recalled Ho Chi Minh read proclamation during a public meeting in front of thousands of people at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi, announcing the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the country’s independence from France on September 2nd, 1945. In 1945, the People’s Army of Vietnam defeated the French colonialists with the historic victory of Dien Bien Phu.

Over the past 72 years, the country has gained significant achievements in various fields such as economics, trade, defense-security, external affairs, and international integration.

President Maduro concluded that President Ho Chi Minh, a Communist poet, inspired a nation to fight courageously for its self-determination against the mighty and powerful military empire, the biggest destruction in the world./.

Compiled by BTA


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