Uncle Ho image in Chinese professor’s heart

Professor Hoang Tranh is the chief author of a series of photo books about President Ho Chi Minh and President Ho Chi Minh’s "Diary in Prison" work published in this country.

To the Chinese Professor, Uncle Ho is the embodiment of many noble qualities. President Ho Chi Minh always puts the interests of the nation and the people on top priority and dedicates his life to the goal of independence, freedom, happiness of the people and prosperity of the country.

According to the Chinese professor, Uncle Ho not only creatively applied Marxism-Leninism into Vietnamese reality, but also had the ability to see through the situation and seize the opportunity. In particular, in any circumstances, he could bring the Vietnamese revolution to victory and contribute to the common struggle of humanity.

He added that the Vietnamese leader won national independence from French colonialism after 80 years of domination and constructed the Vietnamese socialist State. This is a great and typical contribution in the history of the world liberation movement. By gaining independence and leading the Vietnamese people to socialism and building their own socialist country, he opened a precedent of success for oppressed countries around the world. Therefore, President Ho Chi Minh both contributed to the national liberation movement of Vietnam, and also contributed to the cause of national liberation for peace, democracy, independence and social progress around the world.

He was also particularly impressed with President Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoint to take political, theoretical and ethical qualities key factors in training cadres. “This is an important part of Ho Chi Minh's thought,” he said.

But above all, to Professor Hoang Tranh, Uncle Ho is a great man that is close to the others. "President Ho Chi Minh dressed simply, with a simple lifestyle, caring for and being close, democratic, easy-going, and friendly to the masses,” he added.

Although he never met Uncle Ho, the Chinese Professor visited President Ho Chi Minh mausoleum 6 times. He spent a lot of time and enthusiasm to research President Ho Chi Minh’s biography and career. For him, he is an endless research topic, a leader loved and respected by the Chinese people./.


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