President Ho Chi Minh’s old accommodation in China - symbol of Vietnam - China friendship

Thao Hong Son, Chairman of the Ha Giang Provincial People's Council, and members of the working delegation visit the former residence of President Ho Chi Minh in Kunming. (Photo:

The relic of President Ho Chi Minh's former residence in Kunming, Yunnan province, China, is where President Ho Chi Minh lived and participated in revolutionary activities with the communists before returning to the country in early 1941. Here, President Ho Chi Minh conducted activities to support the revolution of the Communist Party of China. It preserves very simple artifacts such as clothes, beds, desks and especially articles and writings of President Ho Chi Minh during the arduous period of leading the revolution to liberate the country. Today, this relic has become a symbol of Vietnam - China friendship and is a common cultural property of the two countries.

Thao Hong Son acknowledged and highly appreciated the local authorities of Yunnan province, China for preserving and protecting the relic and the artifacts of President Ho Chi Minh. He also expressed his hope that Yunnan province would continue to preserve artifacts and disseminate the meaning of the relic site of President Ho Chi Minh's former residence, so that younger generations of Vietnam and China can see the historical significance and close relations of the two countries.

On the same day, the Ha Giang Provincial People's Council delegation visited the Yunnan Ethnic Cultural Village, China. This cultural village simulates and is a compact image of 26 ethnic groups in Yunnan province. This is the region with the largest ethnic minority population in China. Apart from beautiful scenery, Yunnan is also a place with the most national customs, traditions and cultural identities of China./.


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