President Ho Chi Minh lays foundation for Vietnam-Latin American relationship

An editorial in the semi-monthly magazine Voces Del Periodista issued at the end of April (Photo: VNA)

The editorial was published on the occasion of the official visit of National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue to the Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Argentina and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

Titled “Vietnam-Latin America: From traditional friends to integration partners”, the magazine published at the end of April, opened its editorial by depicting two legends of world revolution: poet José Martí of Cuba and leader Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam. These were the two leaders who laid the first bricks to build the Vietnam-Latin American relationship.

Depicting José Martí, Voces Del Periodista said that in his work "Walking through An Nam" published in the American magazine Edad de Oro in 1889, the Cuban revolutionary described very realistically and vividly the heroic tradition against foreign invasion of the Vietnamese nation. Later, he was considered by Cuban leader Fidel Castro as the first Latin American to discover Vietnam.

Referring to President Ho Chi Minh, Voces Del Periodista recounted that in the process of wandering around the five continents to find a way to save the country, in 1912, he used to stop at Martinique Island in the Caribbean, in Uruguay and Argentina. This was the foundation for Uncle Ho to sow the first seeds for solidarity, friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Latin American countries. The most influential press-communication magazine in the region affirms that, since the generation of José Martí-Ho Chi Minh, the thought for independence and freedom has been the spiritual string that unites Vietnam and Latin American countries.

Voces Del Periodista emphasized, the Vietnamese people always remember and thank the people of Latin America for organizing movements against the Vietnam War, as well as always expressing fervent support for the just struggle for the independence and freedom of the Vietnamese people, thereby contributing to the formation of a worldwide people's front in support of Vietnam.

Despite the fierce war, a visit to Vietnam and a meeting with President Ho Chi Minh in May 1969 by President of the Chilean Senate Salvador Allende, followed by a visit of Cuban President Fidel Castro to Quang Tri in September 1973, was forever a symbol of solidarity as well as the precious support of the people of Latin America for the Vietnamese people./.


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