President Ho Chi Minh honoured in Argentina

Addressing the ceremony, ICAV President Poldi Sosa appreciated the great contributions of President Ho Chi Minh for Vietnam in its establishment as a State as well as the struggle for national liberation and independence.

At the ceremony (Photo: VNA)

She confirmed that President Ho Chi Minh is a bright example of patriotism and the driving force for the struggle for peace and social equality of oppressed nations all over the world.

She also expressed her hope that President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career, as well as the glorious history of the Vietnamese nation, would be further spread widely to Argentineans, especially the young generation, thus promoting the friendship between the two countries.

Reviewing the main milestones in the revolutionary life of President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Dang Xuan Dung asserted that President Ho Chi Minh is the national hero, a talented leader, a great teacher of the workers’ class and the Vietnamese people, an eminent child of the Vietnamese nation, an exemplary international communist, and a close friend of nations that struggled or are struggling for national peace, independence, democracy and social equality all over the world.

He stressed that the Vietnamese people always remembered the contributions of President Ho Chi Minh by making efforts to realize his testament, including uniting the nation with other nations in the world, and making Vietnam more developed, strong, equal, democratic and advanced.

According to Ambassador Dung, since August 2012, the Vietnamese Embassy in Argentina has worked with Buenos Aires city authority to inaugurate the President Ho Chi Minh Statute, making it an important destination for overseas Vietnamese in Argentina, and a cultural space where Argentineans can come to study President Ho Chi Minh, as well as the Vietnamese history, country and people./.


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