President Ho Chi Minh – a symbol of international solidarity


President Ho Chi Minh on a visit to Warsaw, Poland (July 1957)

After talking about his feelings for the Vietnamese in general and people in the South of the country in particular, he answered her question about the national strength of his country and significance of international solidarity.

He said, “The strength, greatness and perseverance of the Vietnamese originate primarily from their solidarity and support of world peoples… International solidarity is tremendously meaningful to us. It’s true that we must rely on ourselves first. Fortunately, we have the physical and mental support of other countries. So now, our strength comes from both inside and outside.”

President Ho Chi Minh used part of his Testament to write about world communist movements. He wrote, “I wish our Party will strive to contribute to restoring, in a reasonable and humane manner, solidarity among brotherly parties on the basis of Marxism – Leninism and the international proletariat. I strongly believe that our brotherly parties and countries will definitely be united.”

President Ho Chi Minh's foreign activities

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